“There is nothing in this world except ethics which would bring both reputation and wealth together; therefore, ethical principle in business is essential” …. Ancient Indian saying

Business and Green Tech Promotion, Sweden, is one of the fastest growing company with ambitious export plans. The Company is based in Sundsvall, mid-Sweden.

Our strength is in identifying and partnering with innovative Green Tech developers and inventors. We help export Green Tech products and concepts from Europe to other parts of the world. Our focus at present is on Asia and the Middle East.

We take pride in building strong and trust-worthy business relations between our clients. Transparency in communication is our mantra. Our team consists of people with in-depth knowledge of multi-national, multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment based in different parts of the world.

Deep understanding of customer needs and finding innovative solutions through “out-of-box thinking” has helped us break through business obstacles and realize success both for our clients and us.

Registered in Sweden